Mini Tour Member Perspective...

I'm really new to the raiders family and am more than happy to be here.

By: Anthony Cole

It's definitely a long way from home, but it seems as if I've found a second one here in Trenton. In 7 days I went from having never marched a contra before in my life to marching a contra in a DCI show and I'm thrilled to have the experience. The whole corps has put in hours upon hours of work to get to this moment and I am thrilled to have the ability to be in a whole new part of the country with essentially strangers who have taken me in like a family.

I'm really glad that I got the email from the instructional staff giving me this once in a lifetime opportunity to come across the country and become a raider! The rehearsals are intense and the staff is extremely dedicated to the cause of making us the best corps we can be. Taking advantage of every second of rehearsal and the best of every rep so that we can perform at our is the underlying goal for every day. I have a lot of love for this staff and the rest of the extended raiders family and am looking forward to spending the rest of the season here with the Raiders.