Mini Tour Member Perspective...

This year has been nothing but fantastic from start to finish.

By: Kyler Stiffler

The vibe this group has is unreal this year. I can say with 100 percent confidence that this is the best percussion section the Raiders has ever had. The members are motivated and bring it to every block. It's extremely satisfying to see a lot of the rookies in the percussion section stepping up to the plate and pushing through all the hot and pain filled days we go through.

The percussion section this year has really shifted our focus on visual. Our morning visual block is much more educational and productive than previous years. In terms of playing, we still have a ways to go. At the same time, we are already better than we were at this point last year at the end of July. We spend most of our afternoon tracking and just laying down some solid beats in the shade. After about two hours of tracking in the afternoon we keep up the energy we put into tracking and put our hard work on to the field with drill in battery ensemble.

At the end of the day, as a corps, everyone has been putting in a lot of work and has been keeping up the good vibes. End of the day ensemble blocks have been one stride forward after another. All of our hard we put in throughout the day really shows up by the time we do our final run though. Come catch us at a show! We want to put the best show we can on the field this year and change the face of the corps!