Mini Tour Member Perspective...

Yesterday was a great day to be a Raider.

By: Aaron Christianson

We had an intense visual block where the whole corps pushed each other and we were able to crank out the rest of the show and put it all together. Later in the day, we had an even more intense ensemble block where the whole corps pushed the staff to work us faster and get more done than they had planned. We were able to do a full run of the show at the end of the rehearsal which was a great way to end the block. Then the corps got to relax and bond a bit with our bowl-a-thon fundraiser. We all got to have fun, blow off some steam, and get to know each other better.

I've been with the Raiders for the past 3 years making this my 4th. I've seen quite a few editions of the Raiders and this is by far the most hard working group I've been a part of. I haven't seen the amount of pushing past limits that I see with these members in a long while. The corps continues to inspire and motivate me every day I'm with them. That's why I keep coming back...the members make the corps, and they make the corps amazing. We are extremely excited to premiere our show at Clifton on Friday July 1st. We hope to see you there!